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Chocolate tasting package Best of Original Beans - Switzerland, Swiss chocolate - Chocolats-De-Luxe

Chocolate tasting package Best of Original Beans

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Chocolate tasting package Best of Original Beans

Did you know that chocolate has more flavors than wine? Immerse yourself in the amazing world of rare cocoa and experience its diversity and complexity during a chocolate tasting. An unforgettable journey of enjoyment, encounter and laughter. Become an insider in no time and master the art of allowing chocolate to melt perfectly on your tongue. The boards reflect the projects supported on site with their graphics:

Piura 75%: Notes of raspberry, dried plum and pecan; e in ultra rare, white cocoa - a delicious mistake of nature. Over the years, this fruity Piura Blanco has developed into one of the most award-winning cocoa in the world. If you wander through the cocoa groves of Piura, hundreds of butterflies swing on their wings and drink from the streams that the forests need as much as the forests ( and the people and the butterflies) them.

Virunga 70%: Notes of morello cherries, dark chocolate and black tea reveal themselves in this rare Amelonado cocoa. The depth of the aromas embodies the quiet power of the last mountain gorillas that live in the Virunga National Park (the famous films: "Gorillas in the Fog" from 1988 about Dian Fossey or "Virunga" by Leonardo di Caprio were shot here). Virunga is one of the most beautiful and natural regions in the world. And yet it has eroded into one of the poorest. Buying Cru Virunga and Femmes de Virunga chocolate is indeed one of the best solutions and it helps the local families directly.

Udzungwa 70% with Nibs: Warm notes of orange and toffee in this ultra rare Trinitario cocoa paves the way through the senses. Udzungwa Mountain National Park is a natural wonderland. Elephants roam the forests and farming families have been planting this rare cocoa for generations. Only when elephants trample the fields and steal the harvest do conflicts break out. But what can the farmers do? They found an ingenious solution: But it was hard to believe that elephants are terrified of bees. And for good reason: if they disturb a beehive, they often run away with stings in their sensitive trunks and ears. Setting up beehives in a fence line keeps elephants at a safe distance. Now the Udzungwa farmers can feel themselves playful again in the safety of the honey-producing fences and cocoa-producing trees.

Femmes de Virunga 55% : Essences of roasted nuts and cappuccino round off the taste experience of a rare Amelonado cocoa. The strong taste honors the powerful farmers from Virunga who feed their families and communities.

Mini-Collection in an elegant gift box: This gift set bundles four Original Beans classics in mini format in one beautiful Gift packaging: with the bright Piura 75%, the deep dark Virunga 70%, the playful Udzunga 70% with nibs and the silky Esmeraldas 42%.

Udzungwa Nibs: Superfood cocoa beans in pieces: ideal for breakfast cereals or for baking; in smoothies, cookies, trail mix and more. Or just to nibble on.
Compare the finished chocolate Udzungwa with the Cocoa nibs. Can you taste a difference?
Tip (even with children): roll the nibs until the beans turn into a chocolatey mass. As an experiment: add a little sugar or salt if necessary.


You can recycle all packaging in your garden compost. To protect the chocolate from light and oxygen, the film contains an ultra-thin aluminum layer (0.02%). It slows down the breakdown of the film by a few days, but does not interfere with bio-compostability in any way. Aluminum is one of the most common metals in the earth's crust and occurs naturally in the soil.

Producer / Distributor
ORIGINAL BEANS B.V. Email: service@originalbeans.com Weiland 9A 6666 MH Heteren NiederlandeRegistriert bei: Keizersgracht 452 1016 GD Amsterdam NiederlandeCoC Amsterdam: 50770764
made: Bean-To-Bar Chocolate
Made in: Switzerland, Swiss chocolate
Sustainability: compostable packaging, Fully recyclable, organic chocolate, plastic-free packaging
customizable: printed insert, sleeve, Slipcase, Sticker
Occasion: Advent, Birthday, Christmas, Easter, Father's Day, Guest present, Mother's day, New Year's Eve, Party, Party, Sorry !, St Nicholas' Day , Thankyou !
Gifts: Gifts for customers, customer gifts, Gifts for employees, Gifts for staff, Gifts for men, Gifts for office & colleagues, Gifts for women
ChocBOXES: Tasting package, themed chocolate tasting box
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