Best before date

Basically, we do not ship chocolate or other foods that last for less than 4 weeks. However, it is in the nature of the matter that chocolates or pralines have different durations or basically only a few days. This may be due to the ingredients, the type of packaging and other things. If you need a longer expiration date, please let us know, we'll be happy to help.

 General information about the best before date

Far too many foods end up in the trash, because many consumers misunderstand the "Best before date" (BBD), many of the food goes into the trash, which could still well be eaten. This is not only "thrown out" money, but also ecologically and ethically problematic: Essential amounts of food are produced, processed, packaged, transported and stored - and then destroyed.

The expiration date (BBD) on packaged foodstuffs indicates the time at which, when properly stored, this food retains its specific properties, such as smell or taste. If the originally sealed packaging has been stored correctly, foods with an exceeded best before date are often still easy to enjoy and are not automatically spoiled. However, one should always make sure - even before the expiry date - that they are not spoiled. For atypical appearance, smell, taste or texture, you should discard the product.

In the trade, an expired BBD does not trigger a sales ban. The dealer is then responsible for the safety and quality of the food. He needs to make sure that the food in question is flawless. According to court rulings, he must make a reference to the expired BBD, he does not have to reduce the price. However, this is often the case, because the products should sell quickly.

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