Buy fine chocolate and enjoy it quickly at home: The shipping at

Chocolate buy online in the store of - this works thanks to simple menu structure and an accessibility of 24 hours seven days a week very easy. But then, unfortunately, the ordered Chocolate is not yet at your home. First, your goods must be properly packed and then shipped. Of course, we take care of this part - you wait only a few days and quickly receive your ordered goods very conveniently by shipping with DHL. However, it is often incomprehensible how such a shipping process works in a large company and which regulations apply to the different countries. Therefore, we would like to inform you here about the most important key data.

Often, the procedures of how the high-quality Chocolate is shipped do not differ much - because shipping is shipping. But we at place particular emphasis on speed. Because we know: Once our customers have set their sights on something from our store, they want to be able to enjoy it as quickly as possible. So our top credo is: We stand for fast and transparent shipping and we will inform you about the completion of your package. You can always check the order status of your shipment with us and if you have any questions, we will be happy to help!

We have no minimum order value.


Delivery area:
We deliver worldwide with DHL & DPD, within Germany also to DHL packing stations. So if you are not at home, you can have your goods delivered directly to such a station and pick up the Chocolate when you have time!

Delivery address:
DHL & DPD deliver your packages and depend on the accuracy of your address information. A street name and number must always be provided.

Different delivery address:
Especially for gifts, the correct delivery address is necessary for timely delivery. (If it should come e.g. due to wrong address to return deliveries additional postage costs result ! - if you press "checkout" in the shopping cart, you can select one of the already created addresses in the first step of the payment process or add new ones and manage.

Delivery time:
Your order will be shipped within Germany usually from Monday to Friday on the day of order or the next business day, provided that all products are in stock. If this is not the case, we will inform you in writing about the status of the delivery and send your Chocolate as soon as possible. As a rule, you will receive an e-mail on the day of shipment with the package tracking number, as well as a second e-mail with the tracking number and your invoice. There is no invoice attached to the package.

Shipping costs:
Please note that the prices below are only indicative. The valid shipping costs for your order will be calculated based on the weight, volume and quantity of the products, delivery address and whether you choose standard or express shipping. In the payment process, the applicable freight charges are automatically determined, displayed and automatically calculated when you place your order.

( ** 1/23 ** Shipping cost tables currently in process ** )


Country up to 2 kg gross up to 5 kg gross up to 10 kg gross up to 15 kg gross up to 20 kg gross up to 25 kg gross
(Free shipping from 60€ value of goods)
5,90 € 5,90 € 5,90 € 5,90 € 5,90 € 5,90 €
Belgium, Denmark, Czech Republic, 15,90 € 16,90 € 19,50 € 22,50 € 25,90 € 28,90 €
Switzerland 21,90 € 21,90 € 21,90 € 21,90 € 21,90 € 21,90 €
Liechtenstein 20,90 € 26,90 € 36,90 € 45,90 € 55,90 € 65,90 €
Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania 16,90 € 19,90 € 24,90 € 28,90 € 33,90€ 37,90 €
(free shipping from 180 € value of goods)
16,90 € 16,90 € 16,90 € 16,90 € 16,90 € 16,90 €
Austria, Luxembourg, Netherlands
(free shipping from 140 € value of goods)
13,90 € 13,90 € 13,90 € 14,90 € 14,90 € 14,90 €
Sweden 19,90 € 22,90 € 26,90 € 30,90 € 33,90 € 38,90 €
Norway 22,90 € 29,90 € 39,90 € 50,90 € 60,90 € 70,90 €



Country up to 2 kg gross up to 5 kg gross up to 10 kg gross up to 15 kg gross up to 20 kg gross up to 25 kg gross up to 30 kg gross
Germany 10,50 14,50 17,50 20,50 20,50 29,50 48,50
Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands 15,50 17,50 22,50 39,50 55,50 73,50 91,50
Denmark, France, Monaco, Austria 15,50 18,50 26,50 47,50 68,50 90,50 113,50
Ireland, Italy, Poland, Spain, Czech Republic, Vatican City 20,50 24,50 33,00 54,50 75,50 98,00 120,50
Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus (South), Estonia, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden 20,50 26,50 35,00 62,50 90,00 119,00 150,00
Andorra, Faroe Islands, Gibraltar, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Guernsey, Jersey, Liechtenstein, San Marino, Switzerland 27,50 34,50 43,00 67,00 90,50 118,50 146,50
Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Iceland, Israel, Canary Islands, Kosovo, Montenegro, Northern Macedonia, Norway, Serbia, Turkey 33,50 45,50 60,50 86,00 111,00 141,50 172,00
Canada, Mexico, USA 33,50 45,50 60,50 86,00 111,00 141,50 172,00
Belarus, PR China, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Korea (South), Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine 35,00 65,00 79,00 107,50 137,50 173,00 208,50
Australia, Bahrain, Egypt, Indonesia, Kuwait, New Zealand, Oman, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Syria, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, 35,00 65,00 79,00 107,50 137,50 173,00 208,50
Rest of the world 42,50 75,50 91,50 150,00 208,00 270,50 340,00


However, if your order weight exceeds the maximum weight of 31.5 kg per package, we will split your order into several packages. In this case we will inform you immediately and charge you the corresponding additional costs for the higher transport effort.

International shipping:
As a matter of principle, we only ship abroad via DHL Premium Versand. In zone 1 (EU) there are no customs duties or import taxes. In all other countries taxes will be charged by the local authorities. Please note the duty-free allowances of your country.

Return delivery costs in case of non-delivery:
The return delivery costs are currently: 9.30 € within Germany, within EU countries up to 41.90 € incl. VAT (as of 1.2023). Please note the terms and conditions.

Shipping to Switzerland, customs clearance fees Switzerland

Duty-free shipments
Every shipment to Switzerland is generally subject to customs duty and import VAT (EuST). There is no special value exemption limit as in traveler traffic but only a duty-free limit. The current tax-free limit for commercial shipments is currently 62.50 CHF or 50.00 EUR. (Exception: shipment of alcohol, tobacco, watches, etc.)

Shipments subject to customs duties
If import taxes/duties, customs handling charges are levied, they will always be collected from the RECIPIENT of the parcel!

Customs handling fees are:

  • Presentation tax (fee for presenting the goods to customs, 17.50 or 38.00 CHF). When shipping a world package with the "Premium" service, the fee for customs clearance is already included in the price, i.e. NO presentation tax is collected from the recipient. We therefore ship exclusively by WELTPAKET-Premium.
  • Account management/risk fee (fee for advance payment/debit of the DHL customs account) as well as the
  • Presentation commission (fee for invoicing).


If import turnover taxes/customs duties are due due due to the type of goods/value of goods, these will be settled in advance between DHL Switzerland and Swiss customs. DHL Switzerland charges an account management/risk fee of CHF 2 for "pre-settlement", which is collected in "cash" from the recipient during delivery, together with the determined customs duties and import sales tax.

You can track all packages online by tracking number. We will automatically send you the tracking number by e-mail upon shipment.
We will be happy to answer any questions by e-mail (info(at) or by phone +49-(0)511-78 09 43 70.

Availability of products:
If we are unable to deliver a product you have ordered, we will notify you by e-mail. We will do everything possible to avoid this situation, but it may happen due to delivery bottlenecks at the manufacturers or transport difficulties (strike, bad weather, etc.). In the summer, we reserve the right to ship delayed or only in thermal packaging in case of very high temperatures, in order to protect the goods from damage.

If you do have a reason for complaint and want to return goods to us, please contact us in advance !
This is especially important in order to consider a temperature-appropriate return. Please send the goods then to the following address: GmbH
Rehagen 52
D-30165 Hannover
Tel +49(0)511-78 09 43 70
Fax +49(0)511-78 09 43 79


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