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Giving away chocolate

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Are you looking for a present?

Giving chocolate is a pleasure

There are many opportunities to make other people happy. Often you don't know what to give. Most people enjoy good food, wine, and sweets. So you can't go wrong with a chocolate gift. Giving chocolate is a pleasure, especially when you can snack yourself. - It is said that we offer the best chocolate in the world. Test yourself.

Send chocolate as a gift

We will send your chocolate gift conveniently and safely packaged, no chance of the chocolate breaking or melting in summer. As a chocolate sender, we specialize in the proper packaging and shipping of chocolate and praline products. We ship our brands of chocolate within Germany and all European countries. For all other countries, we would be happy to make you an individual offer.

Give away delicious chocolates

Who has not experienced it before: delicious, delicately melting chocolate with a full cocoa taste that melts on the tongue and makes you want more irresistibly. If you want to make a loved one happy that he / she likes to think of, then give away fine chocolate from the best chocolate manufacturers from all over the world. The best way to give away delicious chocolate is with products from our extensive range of branded chocolates.

Package chocolate and send chocolate

We are also happy to send our fine chocolate in a pretty gift box, accompanied by a greeting card on which we send your personal greeting to the recipient. We pack your chocolate shockproof, protected from cold but also from heat.

How can you send chocolate in summer?

In the case of chocolate with white spots, the cocoa butter has separated from the cocoa mass. This is a pure blemish. So that your chocolate escapes this fate, we pack the chocolate very carefully. We also wrap them in an insulating bag and put ice packs in the package. In this way we prevent the temperature from rising too high for up to 24 hours. Sending chocolate in the summer should be well prepared. We are and this service is free for you.

Chocolate shipping

We do everything to ensure that your chocolate arrives safely. Our packaging consists of three parts: shipping box, filling material, tissue paper. The shipping box is practical because the chocolate package should arrive undamaged. The filling material is the actual protection of the chocolate and praline product. It is a brown, recyclable Kraft paper with a buffer effect that protects the chocolate from damage in transit. The shipping box may appear too big, but this is necessary to achieve the greatest possible product protection in connection with the filling paper. The tissue paper protects high-quality packaging for unusual presents such as chocolate gift sets. Our chocolate shipping is well thought out and highly professional.

Chocolate online shop

In addition to the chocolates, you will also find a small selection of spirits from wine to whiskey at Chocolats-de-luxe.de. There is also a section with champagne and sparkling wine
The offer is rounded off by a selection of beautiful books on the subject of chocolate. You can look forward to the addition of real cigars shortly.

Browse through our online chocolate shop and let yourself be surprised by the ever-changing compositions. This is a prerequisite for the chocolate to be offered on our site. It doesn't matter whether chocolate, pralines, wine, whiskey, liquorice, fruit jelly, biscuits and cakes, chocolats-de-luxe.de stands for quality .

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