Packaging our chocolate - that's what we value

The right chocolate packaging not only has to look like something special, it also has to support several functional and responsible aspects. That is why we pack like this: Product protection, beautiful packaging, environmental protection, recyclability and easy disposal are particularly important to us. Because our delicacies should reach you undamaged and you should then be able to dispose of the materials used as easily as possible. In addition, an environmentally conscious attitude is extremely important to us as a company, which is why we pay attention to the use of nature-friendly materials when packaging the chocolate.

When we ship our goods to you, our packaging consists of three parts:

  • Shipping box
  • filling material
  • Tissue paper

Above all, the shipping box is practical and the package should arrive undamaged, which is why we do not use any outdoor advertising. In this way, disrespectful handling and possible opening of the box during shipping can be prevented, so that you can enjoy your ordered and desired goods undamaged.


Chocolate packaging and protection of the cardboard box - this is how you receive your order

But the packaging of our chocolate is not the only challenge when shipping the food. The filling material is the actual protection of the products. It is a brown, recyclable kraft paper with a buffer effect that protects against transport damage. That is why the box in which our products are sent to you is usually much too big, but this is necessary to achieve the best possible product protection in connection with the filling paper. So don't be surprised at the size when you accept the package and look forward to your well-preserved and undamaged products in a chic chocolate packaging. The tissue paper, in which some of our delicacies are also wrapped, protects high-quality packaging for unusual presents. Products that are intended for you look like gifts and that helps you to have an even nicer experience when you unpack - almost like Christmas! In summer we also pack the sensitive chocolate in an insulating bag and put ice packs in the package. In this way, we prevent the temperature from rising too high for up to 24 hours, which in turn prevents our chocolate delicacies from melting. In this way, you will receive your order sufficiently cooled even in tropical temperatures and can consume it directly if you wish. This service is of course free of charge for you.

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