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Philipp Kaufmann comes from a family that has been involved in forest conservation, reforestation and projects that have a sustainable impact in communities for over 220 years. With the foundation of Original Beans he was able to fulfill all these requirements. Original Beans was founded with the aim of preserving the multifaceted rainforest. One of the most impressive plants from the rainforest is cacao. It is the original, aromatic and ancient varieties of c acao that are used for the chocolate of Original Beans. The "bean teams" from Original Beans travel to the most remote places in the world to find these rare cocoa varieties.

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75% Piura Porcelana couverture 250g organic 75% Piura Porcelana couverture 250g organic
For cooking, baking and making chocolates
Content 250 g (€44.80 * / 1 kg)
€11.20 *
Cacao Nibs Udzungwa
for muesli, smoothis, baking
Content 100 g (€99.00 * / 1 kg)
€9.90 *
Beni Wild Harvest 66% BIO Zartbitterschokolade
made from wild, hand-picked wild cocoa from the Bolivian Amazon
Content 70 g (€91.43 * / 1 kg)
€6.40 *
Cusco Chuncho Peru 100% organic dark chocolate
Content 70 g (€91.43 * / 1 kg)
€6.40 *
82% Arhuaco Businchari dark chocolate organic
Content 70 g (€91.43 * / 1 kg)
€6.40 *
Zoque 88% Mexico strong organic dark chocolate
Dark chocolate from the rainforest of Mexico
Content 70 g (€91.43 * / 1 kg)
€6.40 *
Esmeraldas 50% Vegan M!lk - milkchocolate
Content 70 g (€84.29 * / 1 kg)
€5.90 *
Piura 75% organic dark chocolate from Peru
Dark chocolate from the Piura river valley, Peruvian Andes
Content 70 g (€82.86 * / 1 kg)
€5.80 *
Udzungwa 70% BIO chocolate with cocoa nibs
Dark chocolate from Udzungwa Park, Tanzania
Content 70 g (€82.86 * / 1 kg)
€5.80 *
Cru Virunga Eastern Congo (D.R.) 70% Organic dark chocolate
20h conched - chocolate to protect the last mountain gorillas
Content 70 g (€74.29 * / 1 kg)
€5.20 *
Esmeraldas Milk 42% BIO milk chocolate with fleur de sel Esmeraldas Milk 42% BIO milk chocolate with fleur de sel
Content 70 g (€74.29 * / 1 kg)
€5.20 *
Femmes de Virunga 55% organic dark milk chocolate
Milk chocolate made from beans from Virunga Park, the oldest nature park in Africa
Content 70 g (€74.29 * / 1 kg)
€5.20 *
Virunga 70% Organic dark chocolate, 12g mini
20h conched - Chocolate to protect the last mountain gorillas
Content 12 g (€116.67 * / 1 kg)
€1.40 *
10 x mini tablets "Virunga" 70% dark chocolate, organic 10 x mini tablets "Virunga" 70% dark chocolate, organic
20h conched - Chocolate to protect the last mountain gorillas
€14.10 *
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Original Beans: For each bar, a tree.

Original Beans grows cocoa sustainably and ensures that cocoa farmers have long-term, sustainable work. There are now 12 different chocolates from Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Tanzania, Congo, Ecuador and the Dominican Republic. More projects are in the works, but it takes a few years for the cacao tree to bear fruit.

The chocolates range from white chocolate with 40% cocoa content to dark chocolate  with 100% cocoa content. Rare cocoa varieties such as the Piura Porcelana beni Wild Harvest, Cru Virunga from the Virunga National Park or Cru Udzungwa from Tanzania are just as much a part of the range as milk chocolate from Esmeraldas with fleur de sel. Some varieties are also available as rondos - chocolate drops for use in the kitchen. Each cocoa variety has a story to tell.

All chocolates are gluten-free. The packaging is compostable and can be disposed of with garden waste. That's how we come full circle. At Chocolats-de-luxe.com you will find all Chocolate bar and some couvertures from Original Beans.

The chocolate from Original Beans is made from original cocoa varieties and, with the exception of the "Beni Wild Harvest" and "Papua Kerafat" varieties, is Organic-certified. The cocoa comes from South America, Africa and Asia, among other places. It is produced in collaboration with indigenous communities and smallholder cooperatives and grows wild in the rainforest or semi-wild as a mixed crop.

The chocolate is processed in Switzerland, by the large "private label" manufacturer Felchlin. The manufacturer specializes in processing cocoa into chocolate for companies. Therefore, there are no chocolates on the shelves labeled Felchlin. The chocolates are produced free of additives such as emulsifiers (lecithin...), foreign fats (palm fat...), industrial sugar or flavorings (vanillin...).

Original Beans Chocolate

Although the Original Beans chocolate deliberately does not carry the Fairtrade Seal, because the company is committed to long-term partnerships with cocoa farmers directly. It is a (founding) member of the Direct Cacao Organization, which advocates direct trade and fair prices. Direct trade with Original Beans prevents cocoa farmers from losing money to middlemen and doubles their income each year, according to Origin Beans. And it does so without a "Fairtrade" label, which even requires royalties from farmers. So-called fair trade and other certifications merely raise world cocoa prices by 5-10%. But they do not change the market system that causes poverty, insecurity and exploitation. The guaranteed and high prices, as well as the direct payment of Original Beans, provide cocoa farming families with a stable base income and thus an incentive to develop the best product and a positive outlook for the future.

Together with his "Bean Team", company founder Philipp Kauffmann searches for the rarest and best cocoa varieties in the world and gets farmers or indigenous peoples to abandon slash-and-burn farming, which is often the norm, and instead switch to semi-wild land use with mixed cocoa crops, which is much more sustainable.

Original Beans seeks out, protects and processes some of the rarest and most pristine cocoa varieties in the world. In remote areas, the company's Cocoa Conservation Leaders find original beans that have been forgotten. In collaboration with international agronomy institutes, Original Beans classifies and protects the beans for its chocolates. This pays dividends for biodiversity.

For every bar of chocolate sold, a tree is planted: farmers in the regions of origin can choose between a cocoa tree or a shade tree. Over two million trees have already been planted through the "One Bar: One Tree" program. Each tree can be tracked at originalbeans.com/each-bar-one-tree.

Original Beans "climate positive"

It is the only chocolate company to call itself Original Beans "climate-positive" or "planet-positive." This is partly due to the biocompostable packaging that founder Philipp Kauffmann had developed. Buried in soil or on compost, the film and paper decompose within three months. (Note: In Germany, however, such films are currently incinerated rather than composted - see Bioplastics)

The machines used to produce the chocolate are powered by sustainable electricity. A calculation of climate costs and revenues, which according to Original Beans conducted by two independent teams of experts (Footprints4Food and CarbonRoots) in January 2014, found that one bar of Original Beans Cru Virunga 70% positively contributes to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in its value chain because each tree planted in a healthy cacao forest absorbs 274g more CO2 than the production of one chocolate bar emits.

Original Beans at the Chocolate Festival

Original Beans is a multiple exhibitor and is involved in the supporting program at the Chocolate Gourmet Festival in Hanover - A celebration of Chocolats-de-luxe.com

SWR-logo-2020-red Original Beans employee Patrick von Vacano gives a brief insight into cocoa in a SWR television report"Wie teuer ist.... Chocolate" from 20.10.2020 about chocolate from Min 15:30 as well as from Min 37:30 with Original Beans "Kakaojäger" Jan-Marcel Schubert.


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