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Trinidad & Tobago Estate Chocolate

Trinidad & Tobago Estate Chocolate

Duane Dove was born in Tobago and lives both in Tobago and Sweden. His family had a small cocoa plantation that he wanted to expand. He decided to attend a renowned hotel management school in Canada. He then trained as a sommelier in Stockholm. He wrote a book about Chocolate and rum. In this way he was able to combine his passion for good food with his Chocolate. His culinary knowledge is also reflected in his Chocolate.

Duane came up with the idea of his own cocoa plantation in 2003, when he moved back to his native Tobago to find the land for his plantation. The whole process from bean to bar, which he affectionately calls bean to belly, was more difficult than he thought. He battled the bamboo forest that overgrew the land and brought in an army of workers to transform the land into a three-star showcase plantation. In the end, it took 5 years, with 150 people, 1600 days, and 56,000 hours of labor before he could produce his first tablet.

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45% Laura 2017 named world's best milk chocolate

Quality is Duane Dove's number one goal. He decided from the beginning that he wanted the best handmade Chocolate and cooperated with Francois Pralus. He is not only a chocolate expert, but he also understands the hard work that is required on the plantation to produce a good bar of Chocolate. All cocoa beans for Tobago Cocoa Estate Chocolate, come from his own plantation on Tobago and are not mixed with beans from other plantations. The result is chocolates made from the finest Trinitario cocoa beans.

Duane Dove has won many awards with his Bean-To-Bar Chocolate already won many prizes. Starting with the International Chocolate Awards, to Great Taste Awards to the Academy of Chocolate. The Laura milk chocolate, which is also produced by Pralus, was named the world's best milk chocolate at the International Chocolate Awards in 2017.

It came from Tobago in 2018 for our Chocolate Gourmet Festival. You could experience a chocolate and rum speed tasting with him. in 2020, Tobago Cocoa Estate Chocolate was part of the world's first Chocolate Gourmet Festival for Craft Chocolate from Chocolats-de-luxe.com.

Tobago Estate Chocolate at the Chocolate Festival

Duane Dove of Tobago Estate is a multiple exhibitor at the Chocolate Gourmet Festival in Hannover - A festival of Chocolats-de-luxe.com

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